Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro SS or Corvette Racer Experience

This is your chance to drive one of three American muscle cars.Probably the most iconic American Muscle car of all time, the Ford Mustang is known and loved all over the World. This 1965 Mustang Race car has a big, powerful V8 engine, race car suspension, uprated brakes. Imported from America last year it competed in the 2014 Silverstone Classic and became the fastest Mustang in Europe!! Now is your chance to experience what driving one of these amazing race cars is like.The Chevrolet Camaro SS is an iconic American Muscle car, seen in plenty of on screen action over the years, possibly most famously in the Fast and Furious films. This 1969 SS has a crazy 580 bhp from its 8 litre big block V8 engine, adjustable air suspension and wide custom wheels. It won’t break any lap records but its straight line performance is staggering and it is a brilliant driving experience that you will never forget.The Corvette Racer, this iconic American race car is a unique experience. 600+ BHP, huge V8 engine, amazing noise, race car handling and you can drive it!! Your experience will begin with a welcome, introduction and safety briefing. You will then get the chance to sit behind the wheel of your chosen car where you will have the chance to drive 3 laps of the track.Please note, there will be a £10 supplement charge for Saturday bookings at the Blyton location.


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