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For use in gloves, splints and footwear to help disperse the energy of impacts and reduce skin shearing. Also widely used in sport to help prevent...

Akton Gel padding 6.4mm


Ingredients: Acetyl-L-Carnitine 3X, Cyclic AMP 6X, Alpha tocopherol 3X, Alpha lipoic acid 3X, Ascorbic acid 3X,Calcium carbonate 3X, Citricum...

Guna Biotherapeutics Guna Cell


The hammer is used to test joint reflexes and bone fractures and features a triangular rubber head.

Timesco Taylor Percussor Stainless Steel 8" (20cm)


The Mueller Medi Kit™Trekker New and improved design.   The Medi Kit Trekker features a rear wall and bottom that is stiffened for more...

Mueller Medi Kit Trekker


Single use foil blankets for heat retention from Reliance Medical. Foil reflective blanket for heat retention

Reliance Medical Foil Emergency Blanket


High frequency welds seal the splint to ensure no leakage of body fluids into the splint padding or frame. Hard wearing PVC with velcro straps.

SP Services Loxley Box Splint


Useful finger bandage in blue and white. These bandages are used for covering finger dressings being easily rolled over the affected finger without...

Reliance Medical Fingerbuddies


Thin layers of white foam by Mueller used with lubricating ointment to help protect tender foot areas by reducing friction inside shoes. ...

Mueller Mueller Heel & Lace Pads Pre-Cut


The E-thotics research and development team has produced a dual density orthotic insole to offer patients that require an accommodative device. This...

Ethotics Dual Density Orthotic Insoles


Gunaelmint by Guna Biotherapeutics is a homeopathic treatment that may help boost your body’s natural defense against intestinal parasites. ...

Guna Biotherapeutics Gunaelmint


ProBion basic Indication
 A gentle start for someone with long periods of health problems, which will help you regain your health by supporting...

Wasa Medicals ProBion Basic Tablets


Argent nit can be used to help with anticipatory fear with associated diarrhoea and flatulence and craving for sweet food. 30C is ideal for active...

Weleda Argent Nit 30C Tablets